The RE-CAST team focuses on the development and deployment of emerging technologies involving advanced cement-based materials for the construction and rehabilitation of transportation infrastructure with stringent requirements for rapid construction, environmentally friendly materials, and extended service life.

The development of these technologies requires advanced knowledge of materials science, including rheology, cement chemistry, microstructure, and engineering behavior, as well as the durability of the material under actual field conditions.

The ultimate goal of the proposed research is to fast-track the acceptance of these technologies and develop national standards and guidelines for their use for the reconstruction of the nation’s infrastructure for the 21st Century.

Theme Areas

Theme Area I

Innovative Materials for Accelerated and Sustainable Construction

Research activities within this theme include:

  • Focus Area 1: High-Performance Concrete with Adapted Rheology
  • Focus Area 2: Sustainable Pavement Construction

Theme Area II

Durable Materials for Rehabilitation of Transportation Infrastructure

Research activities within this theme includes:

  • Focus Area 3: Novel Fiber-Reinforced Composites